FM Female Fragrances (50ml) (P-Z)

FM Female Fragrances (50ml) (P-Z)

FM World are the only leading company in the world to have exclusive access to the DROM Factory in Germany. The DROM Factory is where every high street brand picks out their perfume oils. They will then take their new perfume oils back to their warehouse where they will dilute it with water and alcohol, bottle it in very expensive packaging, and pay loads of money to celebrities to advertise their fragrance for them. Making the fragrance £60-£200. FM World do they same, they take the perfume oils, dilute it in water and alcohol and put the same fragrance into a plain bottle, no advertising, no celebrity endorsements, just people like me! And it brings the price down to a whopping £17-£26.50!!!!


Pure- £17

Pure Royal- £26.50

Pure Royals are more expensive because they have more expensive perfume oils


I have over 150 different brands of perfumes and aftershaves available including Lancôme, Tom Ford, Chanel, Georgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Creed, Thierry Mulgar, Christian Dior, etc. Reed diffusers and Wardrobe Fragrances also sold


If I dont have the item you want in stock I can always order it in which takes about a week. Message me on 07770629652 to place an order!